Luxury and unique experiences

For those who appreciate a differentiated treatment with a lot of sophistication and refinement, Rio Grande do Norte has countless possibilities. Be a deserted and exclusive beach, even in the most popular and disputed moments.


Gateway to More than 400 km of beaches, this coastal area in the state of Rio Grande do Sul is surrounded by natural swimming pools for diving and perfect waves for surfing and other water sports. The good winds are in favor with the thesis that Brazil was discovered here in RN, on Touros beach, an argument defended by several researchers.

In addition to the Fortaleza dos Reis Magos, in Natal, the state capital, it is possible to see postcards such as the Morro do Careca, on the famous Ponta Negra Beach, the Ponte da Redinha and the Via Costeira, projected between the sea and Parque das Dunas and which houses one of the most important hotel chains in the Northeast, as well as the largest urban park on dunes in the country.

Crystal clear waters and rich marine life make up the setting of Parrachos de Maracajaú, 55 km from the capital. Diving in this beautiful coral formation can be done with a mask and snorkel or with a scuba, but regardless of your choice, you can be enchanted by the colorful shoals. At low tide, the reefs form natural pools of warm water. A magical invitation to relax.

This is an enchanting region, where nature has perfected every rock formation, slabs and endless trails, which together create a unique landscape.

The cities that make up this Hub offer very distinct and special attractions, where you can renew your faith on a pilgrimage in the Religious Complex of Santa Rita de Cássia, in the city of Santa Cruz, get lost in the labyrinths of Zé dos Montes Castle, in Sítio New, or book a day of adventure with abseiling, off roading or horseback riding along the backcountry paths.

This is a center of enchantment, where faith and adventure begin here! Taking the road on BR-226, leaving Natal, you will travel 115 km, until you reach Santa Cruz, the center of the Trairi region, which houses the largest Christian religious statue in the world, a project conceived based on the religiosity of the population and the devotion to Santa Rita de Cássia, patron saint of the municipality. Alto de Santa Rita has an area for masses and events, restaurants, parking and the main one: the Statue of Santa Rita with 56 meters in height – taller than Christ the Redeemer, in Rio de Janeiro. Visit Rio Grande do Norte and discover a world of possibilities!

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